For one, modern production techniques are better than they have ever been and the use of CNC machinery has resulted in a high standard of consistency. Simply put, guitars being produced in Asia, in fact pretty much anywhere around the world, are of such a high standard of construction these days that we rarely, if ever, are in receipt of review guitars that could justifiably receive a bad review. Secondly, we believe that publishing a review of a guitar is in itself an endorsement. In the rare and unlikely scenario we receive a review guitar which had problems or issues, we’d simply send it back explaining to the supplier why we have chosen not to feature the guitar within our pages. It’s worth nothing that, in my time as an editor, this has only happened once and the issues were down to mistreatment by Mr Courier. We hope that the above explanation will give you, our valued readers, confidence in the products we select to put before you. Truth is, it’s never been better for a consumer of acoustic guitars. The guitar sector as a whole is extremely competitive, and this also helps to keep standards high and prices down. So if you’re in the market for a new guitar, whether your budget is major or minor, the guitars we’ve reviewed for you are as good a starting point as any! Finally, we want to let you know that we are hard at work putting together the forthcoming London Acoustic Show. Put the dates in your diary: 10-11 September at Olympia London. Some fantastic acts have already been secured, news of which will be announced in the next issue. You check full schedule at We hope you will like it.

Great selection of Portable Gas Inverter Generators. Top 10 Best Compact Gas Powered Inverter Generators review by our professional team. And now we are ready to share our buying guide. You read more about the champion which is Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Generator in our in-depth review. A group of 30 of us started in the final batch, and my plan was to try to stick to whoever was at the front and not let them get too far ahead. Encina, the Chilean, took off hard, and initially I hung with Tsang, who was in second place overall. But my 18-minute lead over Encina, who was in third, could disappear if I let him get too far ahead, so I took off too.

I caught him after about 30 kays or so, and suddenly it was game on. We started racing quite hard, mostly because he was trying his best to drop me. He must have figured that this long day was his big chance, and on some downhills we must’ve been running under four minutes a kay. He would take off and I would sit behind him, and then on the flats I’d try to surge ahead. It was proper backwards and forwards stuff the whole time – obviously, a stupid waste of energy. I started to feel it, too. I remember getting to around 50 kilometres, and not feeling great at all. I was determined not to let it slip, though – I would fall down dead before I gave up. And fortunately, that’s when I discovered my latent ultra-distance-race mojo – that zone where nothing else matters but winning. Nothing. After all the messages of encouragement I’d received, I felt like I was representing my country, and I wasn’t going to let anyone down.

The Black Cat café in Hackney has become somewhat of an institution, with hungry vegans (and non-vegans) travelling from miles to sample the restaurant’s famous plant-based food. The menu, which changes daily depending on the produce available, features vegan comfort food in hearty portions, presented in a casual fashion. A number of key dishes often feature including the beef-style burger, chickpea pancake, seitan gyros and lasagne.
“We connect with our customers and their feedback is really important to us, therefore we always try to keep the items which became popular,” one of the business directors Nacho (Carla is another director) tells Vegan Life. “We don’t focus in any specific type of cooking background: our head chef is influenced mostly by Mediterranean flavours but he also likes to explore other fields such Asian cooking. A good example of that is the fact that our curries or noodles soups are some of our most popular items. Although we are not an organic cafe most of the produce we use comes from a farm in Boston and is grown without the use of pesticides and we try to purchase mostly seasonal vegetables. We try to offer a balanced choice of fast/junk-style food, and healthy options.

“We are passionate about vegan food and connecting to others through food. We believe food brings people together.”

“Alongside our tasty homemade vegan food, we sell grocery items such cheese, vegan meats, locally baked cakes and pastries at affordable prices. At our cafe you’ll also have access to books touching different relevant subjects such as animal liberation, human liberation, vegan cooking, etc. We also have hosted-and we intend to keep doing so-benefits and fundraisers for different causes such as Hunt Saboteurs Association, Food Not bombs, animal sanctuaries, and the Black Fish among others.”
One of the café’s biggest hits is the fry up: a hearty plate with homemade baked beans, scrambled tofu, sausages, stewed mushrooms, herby potatoes, rasher and a choice of sourdough bread or homemade pancake. There is sometimes a wait for tables at the weekend, and most diners seem to be eating this.
Also very popular are the beef-style burger, and the seitan gyros. Both are favourites among meat-eating customers. “Their flavour profile totally resembles their meat counterparts,” says Nacho. “Smoked paprika, dill, celery salt or fresh herbs like parsley and oregano among others are used to flavour them therefore we believe that many times people eating meat are hooked more to the flavour of the seasonings used than to the meat itself. I think we are the only place in London offering homemade versions of these foods and we believe they are good for people making their first contact with vegan foods. We have a wide variety of customers, coming from different backgrounds, from long term vegans to non-vegans, from punk and hardcore/punk kids to next door neighbours. And we love them all.”
Nacho adds: “We are passionate about vegan food and connecting to others through food. We believe food brings people together. We are both vegan and wouldn’t have it done any other way. It is important to show that vegan food can be tasty and healthy and you won’t be missing on anything. Most importantly the food we provide is free of animal products and this is one of the main reasons we are behind this project: for the animals, for the environment.”

The Public Prosecution Service in Northern Ireland will be able to refer unduly lenient animal cruelty sentences to the Court of Appeal under proposed new rules. The review follows a 2014 case which saw four men from Belfast receive suspended sentences for animal cruelty charges- despite extensive evidence including video footage of the men allowing a cat to be mauled to death by dogs. The measly sentence provoked outrage but the director of public prosecutions said he was powerless to refer the case to the court of appeal. This is because the offence-keeping or training animals in connection with dog fighting-was not on a list of offences covered by the regulation. The new legislation will see the maximum fine a magistrate can impose increase from £5,000 to £20,000. Cases dealt with at crown courts will see maximum jail terms increase from two to five year terms.

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Walking briskly to make the start, I funnel into a crowd of runners entering a high-school auditorium. Many fellow racers sport the stock trail runner’s garb of a puffy down jacket and trucker cap, and their parked cars display stickers or plates referencing ultramarathons. This looks and feels like an ultrarunning event, except for one big difference: We’re about to sit, not run, for hours.



1,5 tbsp. almond milk
250 g of Kale
2-3 large dates, stoned
2 tbsp shelled hemp seeds
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 large banana
a pinch of cinnamon
1 tbsp avocado
ice (optional)


Add all the ingredients in a powerful blender, beat at high speed.
Tip: soaking dates in boiling water for half an hour will make them softer for better blending.


Perhaps you’re considering the transition to a vegetarian diet, or you already following vegat diet, and want to make your diet more balanced and rational – our article will help you understand what are the benefits and risks of this style of diet and how to make the most useful of it.

There are many options and sub-options of a vegetarian diet. Here are some of them:

Vegan – strict vegetarian diet eliminates animal products. Includes fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes;

lacto-ovo-vegetarian (or just lacto, just ovo -) is the same, plus milk, dairy products and eggs;

fish-and-vegetarian – same set of products plus added fish;

There are many ethical, moral and dietary considerations that can encourage a person to take one or another form of a vegetarian diet. To follow it – is a matter of choice.

It may also be noted that the older you are, the more benefit can be fromlacto – ovo-vegetarian diet, reducing consumption of red meat and animal fats.

A well-planned and balanced vegetarian diet may be adequate from the point of view of get all the nutrients we need.


According to studies, vegetarians have lower average weight than those who eat a mixed food. At the same time, vegetarians often observed lower muscle mass and bone density, which is not a very good phenomenon from both points of view as of health and appearance. Still with weight loss we are not concerned with the weight itself, but more about the percentage of fat in our body.

Overall, losing weight always goes according to common laws, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight, it is important to ensure that you re getting all that your body’s needs, not to lose your health. So if you are planning to lose weight using a vegan diet, all the above mentioned risks should be taken into account twice. What can help to improve nutrition for vegetarians?

To get a more balanced diet, you need to vary your diet and try to get essential nutrients.