The Vegan Information Project (VIP).

Dublin-based Vegan Information Project is dedicated to public education initiatives.

Our busy 2013 World Vegan Month programme (see 3-minute year review video below) included public educational events, pay-to-view events, media appearances, conferences, a “mini-course” on social movement theory and social movement participation, and workshops on animal ethics and effective animal advocacy.

In 2013, VIP completed a successful 16-week residency in Dublin’s Temple Bar Square (every Wednesday with our “Vegan Information Day” stall, from 11 in the mornings until 7 in the evening, distributing vegan-based literature, handing out free vegan food samples, asking people to watch from a variety of movie clips available, or enjoy a cup of tea at the VIP “tea station,” where they can chat about veganism and animal rights – or just get on with reading their newly-acquired leaflets and booklets. Also, in exchange for donation, we have a range of goods, such as vegan food portions, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and badges.¬†And if people want to know the location of vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants, they can get all the information they need from special maps the VIP produce.)