1,5 tbsp. almond milk
250 g of Kale
2-3 large dates, stoned
2 tbsp shelled hemp seeds
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 large banana
a pinch of cinnamon
1 tbsp avocado
ice (optional)


Add all the ingredients in a powerful blender, beat at high speed.
Tip: soaking dates in boiling water for half an hour will make them softer for better blending.


Perhaps you’re considering the transition to a vegetarian diet, or you already following vegat diet, and want to make your diet more balanced and rational – our article will help you understand what are the benefits and risks of this style of diet and how to make the most useful of it.

There are many options and sub-options of a vegetarian diet. Here are some of them:

Vegan – strict vegetarian diet eliminates animal products. Includes fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes;

lacto-ovo-vegetarian (or just lacto, just ovo -) is the same, plus milk, dairy products and eggs;

fish-and-vegetarian – same set of products plus added fish;

There are many ethical, moral and dietary considerations that can encourage a person to take one or another form of a vegetarian diet. To follow it – is a matter of choice.

It may also be noted that the older you are, the more benefit can be fromlacto – ovo-vegetarian diet, reducing consumption of red meat and animal fats.

A well-planned and balanced vegetarian diet may be adequate from the point of view of get all the nutrients we need.


According to studies, vegetarians have lower average weight than those who eat a mixed food. At the same time, vegetarians often observed lower muscle mass and bone density, which is not a very good phenomenon from both points of view as of health and appearance. Still with weight loss we are not concerned with the weight itself, but more about the percentage of fat in our body.

Overall, losing weight always goes according to common laws, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight, it is important to ensure that you re getting all that your body’s needs, not to lose your health. So if you are planning to lose weight using a vegan diet, all the above mentioned risks should be taken into account twice. What can help to improve nutrition for vegetarians?

To get a more balanced diet, you need to vary your diet and try to get essential nutrients.